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    Balaji Srinivasan2y
    Decentralizing Education with Synthesis
    4 min
    Highlights & Notes by Jeroen Seghers:
    the Prussian education system, the model for American schooling, just isn’t working anymore.
    Instruction hasn’t kept up.
    the fundamental concept is teaching kids how to collaboratively work with information like adults do.
    the curricula can be created by world class instructors and cost-effectively scaled to millions of children.
    Our education systems won’t reform from within.
    The only real solution is to create something better from the ground up that’s so attractive users can’t help but exit the old system.
    the aim of education should be to train kids to grow the global pie for humanity so all can benefit.
    kids need to learn how to work together and succeed in a competitive environment so thatthey can contribute to the common good.
    teaching values like this is as important as teaching calculus.
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